Pendant for Lucy

Lucy pendant main

I enjoy the process of designing and problem solving when working with found objects.  I only do this occasionally (despite my growing collection of objects!) so it can take some time for me to work out my design, and to solve problems – such as how to attach the typewriter key.

Parts of the design is informed by the person I’m making for, but for the rest, I just decide what looks right.

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Printers’ trays

printers trays wp

Better than getting a printer’s tray for Christmas – two printer’s trays!  The design is beautiful, perhaps more so because it was purely functional.  See here for a demonstration of how they were used in the printing industry.  According to this article, which explains the layout, compared to previous designs it reduced a compositor’s hand travel by more than half a mile per day.

I first started collecting bits and pieces, sometimes taking things like cameras apart, with the intention of incorporating them into jewelry and other creations.  However, with more ‘stuff’ than I’ll ever use,  the collecting has become an end in itself  – at least I now have a way to display some of my favorite finds.