Starting out with polymer clay

There is a long list of tools which can be useful once you decide that polymer clay is for you – however you can get by for starters without buying any tools, and I would encourage you to do so.

A smooth surface such as glass, perspex or a tile – even a sheet of baking paper would do at a pinch.  You’ll need a sharp knife – one from your local supermarket will do.  To roll the clay into sheets, a pasta machine which is dedicated to polymer clay is great (remember, don’t use it afterwards for pasta) , but if you don’t have one to dedicate to polymer clay, you can use a straight sided glass or a PVC plumbing pipe, to roll the clay.  You can also buy clear acrylic rollers for this purpose for about $15.   Some rubbing alcohol and an old towel can be useful to clean your tools.basic tools

Which brand?  It doesn’t really matter.  I usually use Kato clay, but if you are starting out I would suggest one of the softer clays such as Sculpey or Premo.  Condition about ½ a piece of clay.  Start with your lightest color first, and roll a sausage, then fold it back on itself, twist and roll again.  Even if the clay is soft, you still need to condition it a little or it will be brittle when baked.

Now you might like to try to make a jelly roll or a flower cane.

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