Clock pin/pendant

Having made a number of polymer clay clocks, I was keen to see if I could make one small and light enough to wear as a pin or pendant.  I made the basic shape from Sculpey Light and cut out the centre to hold the watch, then applied black Kato, and some Fimo Classic canes.  (I changed from Fimo to Kato when my supplier stopped stocking Fimo Classic after the change in formula, but I have a few canes left which are still usable once I work them a bit.)

I drilled a hole and threaded a head pin through the side of the piece, then through the small hole in the lug, holding the watch but allowing it to hinge out.  Two pin backs attach to clothing or to the jump rings beside the necklace clasp.

I initially embedded the pin backs in so far they were too short, and I had to take them out and redo them.  However, next time I would do them a little shorter.