Naked Lady Cane

nude cane reductionsI made this nude cane about 14 years ago, and I still use it occasionally in my work.    These pictures show the end cut from the original cane before it was reduced, and different sizes once the cane was reduced – her body shape tends to change a little with every reduction!  See the original drawing below. Sometimes, as on this pin, I used a slice of the nude cane then added slices of face and hair canes separately.  I also made a cane  which included all these elements.  There were very few tutorials on the web at the time, and no youtube, so I worked out how to make this by trial and error.  However, Cynthia Tinapple’s video of making a face cane is similar to the technique I used, although I shaped each piece separately then packed it together.  You can see the shapes of some of the components in the big slice beside the drawing, as well as two of the pieces that went into it.

Canes can last for some time as long as they are not exposed to heat, but you need to be patient to make them usable without cracking.  I put pressure around the sides of the cane with my hands, and very gradually try to reduce it – this can take some time with an old cane.  Alternatively, if the cane is at the size I need, once it’s a little warmed up in my hands, I carefully cut a thin slice, place it between two pieces of baking paper and gently rub with my finger. The warmth and friction make it pliable enough to add to a bead – like this one below.

Jill pendant detail lighternude cane drawing