Pendant for Lucy

Lucy pendant main

I enjoy the process of designing and problem solving when working with found objects.  I only do this occasionally (despite my growing collection of objects!) so it can take some time for me to work out my design, and to solve problems – such as how to attach the typewriter key.

Parts of the design is informed by the person I’m making for, but for the rest, I just decide what looks right.

found objects

Lucy pendant drawings Lucy pendant mockupThe pictures above show some of the design ideas I had along the way.  Some of the nice parts of the design (such as spiral wire rivets at the back and the screws in the top of the ruler) came about because I made mistakes.  Having to cover up a hole, or find an alternative way to attach a typewriter key (my initial plan was to use micro-hardware until the holes were not placed quite right) can lead to a better design in the long run.

Despite doing a class with Keith LoBue some years ago, I had never made my own chain for pendants – but I signed in to his online class recently (7.5 hours just on work with steel wire!) and this convinced me to do away with the bought chains, and make my own.

Pendant, showing steel wire chain

Pendant, showing steel wire chain and clasp

Lucy Pendant back 2Back of pendant showing attachment of typewriter key.

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