Playing with ‘scrap’ clay

I like to play with scrap clay left over from projects, and there are so many ways to work scraps into a new design as long as it is not mixed to a mud color.  [I have since written more about this technique and using scrap clay, including a video here.]

I had two flower canes, but this would have worked well even if you were using the distorted ends of canes, and I had a skinner blend bulls-eye cane and a stack of stripes.    I cut these up into small pieces, and chopped up pieces of clay of contrasting colours.  I laid these together to create a ‘log’ – with most of the canes lying across (rather than along) the log.

I rolled this into a smooth log, and twisted it – but not too much.  This is similar to the technique some use for making natasha beads, see

However, instead of slicing through the log, I rolled it flat, and cut thin slices (cut across the stripes which will appear once you have twisted it).  Put two slices together to show the symmetrical image.    As I cut each slice, the pattern will slowly change, so no two pieces will be exactly alike.

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