Domed, mokume gane pin

I made this brooch (pin) from a small, thin sheet left over from a workshop I did with Melanie Muir about two years go.  The “mokume gane” design was created by staking very thin slices of different colours, pressing in one of Melanie’s stamps, and slicing off the top until smooth.

Here are the other pieces I made from this sheet.   I then made the additional gold (mica shift) piece with another stamp and placed them together on a fresh thin sheet .  I let this sit for a few days, hoping that would get this dry piece flexible enough to work.  I think it helped,  but you can see that there is still a very small crack or two.  I then shaped a gentle dome by using a technique based on Dan Cormier’s technique of gently working the sheet into a raised shape through a cardboard die and I placed it on a backing sheet of clay.    You can see the die I cut, and a test I did with scrap grey clay in the other picture.   I’ve enrolled in Dan’s online class so am looking forward to working on this technique.

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