Found objects & polymer clay

found object for web

Found object Necklace: polymer clay, metal paint, brass bead, vintage icing nozzle, vintage sewing machine bobbin, small plastic & brass objects, steel wire.

Some years ago I did a class with Tory Hughes.  While Tory often uses imitative techniques, the topic for that class was mokume gane.  One of my samples was the centre piece here, which I didn’t like much at the time.  Tory encouraged me to try to make some pieces from polymer clay that would work with some of my found object pieces, which I did.  So, after having these polymer clay pieces sitting around for years, I finally put them together in this necklace.  The polymer clay pieces are the long brown bead (which has been painted with metal and rust effect), centre square bead, imitation ivory, and rough grey bead.

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