Signature cane

It’s been some time since I’ve made canes – over the last few years I’ve continued to use canes I made 3 or 4 years ago, but these are now running out and I need to build up a supply of different canes.  So to start with a signature cane, so I can ‘sign’ my work.

Some letters will be more difficult than others, but my “cb” cane gives a general idea of how it’s done.  The pictures show a roll of white wrapped with a thin sheet of black then  packed with more thick sheets and pieces of white  (1).  The extra white is cut off, as is a small part of the black circle, to leave a white square with a black  “c”  (2).  This is cut in half (crossways) – to give two identical halves – one half for the “c” and the other half for the “b”.  A thick piece of white is added to the “c” half for the gap between the letters, then a thin sheet of black to make the “b” half (3).  This is then put together (4) and reduced, so I have slices of different sizes to add to beads or to other work (5).  A bit more patience before reducing the cane would have reduced the slight distortion in the final result.

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